Narrative Technics: A Structuralist Approach to "Senoubar Va Zan-e-Khofteh"

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor of English Literature; University of Isfahan

2 M. A. in English Literature, University of Isfahan


Shahriyar Mandanipour is one of the talented and distinguished writers of the twentieth century in Iran. With his magnificent ability in handling the language, he has marked a new era in Iran’s short story writing. By challenging and breaking the common norms and conventions of storytelling as well as using novel narrative technics, Mandanipour has made a new language which distinguishes him from his contemporary writers. This study is an attempt to find and analyze these technics and manifest their role and significance in one of his short stories, “Senoubar va Zan-e-Khofteh.” This study rests on the four narrative technics of "Imagery", "Polyphony", "Dramatic Irony" and "Flash back" that are discussed based on a Barthesian structuralist framework in "Senoubar va Zan-e-Khofteh" from Mandanipour’s short story collection Abi-e-Mavara- ye- Behar (2003) written after the September-eleventh event that influenced, in many aspects, the personal and social lives of different groups of people.


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