Two Themes of "Water" and "Fire" in "Nocturnal Harmony of Wood Orchestra"

Document Type : Research Paper



Thematic Criticism is a
kind of approach in literary criticism, which was innovated in the 1950s. It is
regarded as the prelude of New Criticism. The founder of such a criticism is
Gaston Bachelard. Bachelard investigates the unconscious images of the text
which have formed out of the imaginary concept of the material. In Bachelard's
opinion, four elements make up man's fantasy. In the present paper, considering
Bachelard's approach we tried to study two themes of 'water' and 'fire' in
"Nocturnal Harmony for Wood Orchestra".  In this novel, water is the symbol of Death
and Life and fire shows images of death and destruction and also punishment.
But there are some instances of showing death by water.