Jamalzadeh and a Multi-Figured Narrator

Document Type : Research Paper



From narratological point of view, among Jamalzadeh's Old and
New short stories,  "Rotten
Salt" has a significant narrator which can be nicely studied through the
light of the theories of two narratologists: Gerard Genette and Robyn R.
Warhol. Based on Genette's proposed factors, the narrator of "Rotten
Salt" changes so many times   in the
'level' and 'distance' of narration that, based on Warhol's theory, the gender
of the narrator also changes throughout the story. So, some parts of the
narrative are narrated by a female voice and some parts by a male voice. Thus,
it is as if the narrative were written by a female author together with
Jamalzadeh, while we know that it was just written by Jamalzadeh; however with
more investigation, the aim and the reason of the employment of this
multi-figured narrator is clarified.