The Exploration of the Origin of the Novel in Urdu Literature

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Tehran


In the second half of the nineteenth century realistic stories were replaced by fictive ones in Urdu Literature.Wisdom and the important purposes of the Aligarh movement made very big changes in the fiction and novel. Nazir Ahmad and Abul-Halim Sharar were the first authors who created the novel. Their traditional beliefs could be felt in their novels. In their books and stories, first they were pointing to the role of women in the society and the family. Nazir Ahmad who did not like the European culture, started warning about westernization and the effects and problems which would come as a result.. He negated all the superstitious and religious misconceptions. Sharar started to write historical novels to create samples from Islamic Myths and in his novels cleared many things about the parties and groups which were not true.
Ratan nath Sarshar, who was a Hindu, was well aware of Muslims and their beliefs, and started to describe muslim ‘s life and beliefs in the form of consolation. The varieties offered in the novels of these two writers has enriched Urdu literature.