Comparative Study of the Influence of Persian Literature on Spanish Literature

Document Type : Research Paper



Comparative literature is defined as an empiric discipline
within literary studies that focuses on the comparison between a literature and
other literature(s) or other forms of human expression. Nowadays, due to the
clash between the two trends existing in the discipline -the historical and the
theoretical, comparative literature is immersed in a process of theoretical and
practical renewal that focuses on the search for a new field of study..
Translation studies is one such field. The review of the influence of Spanish
literature on Persian literature is important in three aspects: 1. the process
of sampling 2. The category 3. Recreation of new style. In this article,
different literary texts in Spanish that have arisen under the influence of
Persian literature have been analyzed. I intended to demonstrate the effect of
Persian literature on Spanish literature through loaning, while the function of
Arabic language and literature as an intermediary language has also
beenacknowleged whereever it was necessary.