A Comparative Study of Common Romantic Concepts in “Hasht Ketab” by Sohrab Sepehri and Selected Poems by William Wordsworth

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tehran, Iran.


Comparative literature is an important area of literary
studies with a long history. The comparative study of writers and poets can
shed light on the impact of various thoughts among different cultures. Sohrab
Sepehri, as one of the eminent contemporary poets of Iran, and William
Wordsworth, one of the founders of Romantic poetry in England are chosen for
this research. The employment of some Romantic concepts are among the common
poetical aspects of Sepehri and Wordsworth. This research is based on the
following basic principles of Romanticism: Nature and childhood nostalgia,
ambiguous locations and, death wish, , individualism and self image and the
notion of poet- prophet, and the love of birthplace and country. The current
research demonstrates that all of the above mentioned Romantic elements,
central to Wordsworth, are also observable in Sepehri’s work. thus bringign the
two poets extremely close in terms of the employment of Romantic concepts.