Psychological Analysis of Death in Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the largest and most mysterious events of life is death, which has continued to preoccupy the mind of man. In cotemporary literature, many authors are trying to escape death.  But the approach of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, contemporary French writer, given the large number of his works with this theme, seems to be specific. In his work, death does not have  a horrible face. Through belief in God and the benefts  of life, he tries to accept death as a reality of life.  His outstanding work Oscar and the lady in pink is the story of a sick child who is on the brink of death, yet the writer, who is aware of the impact of imagination on the child’s psyche and the depth of human spirit, creates an imaginary world for him. Thus not only is death  not ugly and horrendous but it becomes acceptable to the child.  In this paper, we study the psychological aspects of this story, to find a response for this question: which elements are efficient in the acceptance of death? We shall study the characters using a psychological approach in ftheir encounter with death. By classifying people into two groups: those who “ accept the death” and those who
”escape of death”, Schmitt presents a notion of death as a reality palpable and comprehensible.