Reconstruction of Identity in Italian "Immigration Literature"



Italian "immigration literature", novice and still subtle, emerged in the 1990s with considerable delay in comparison to other European countries. This type of literature engages in the elimination of borders and the narration of the untold, speaking of a rebirth, the unfulfillment of a dream and the constant hope for its realization. The authors of this literature utilize reality, autobiography and imagination to create works which portray the connection between current Italy and the past life of the immigrants, a colorful image that, in most cases, has been neglected by Italian authors. In this essay, after exploring the manner of the emergence of "immigration literature", we will try to understand how the host country can become an appropriate fertile ground for ingenuity, how the experience of leaving one's homeland can contribute to the production of a new literary genre and finally how a narrative from far away countries can reflect the dissonances and discords, the constant void inside the immigrant and the sense of alienation interwoven with being. These, alongside other topics by "immigration literature", lead to an identical issue; the lost and divided identity of the immigrant.