The Role of Love and Faith in the Character Development of Under Satan’s Sun and Journal of a Priest of a Campaign by Georges Bernanos



Religious themes are dominant in the works of Georges Bernanos , the Catholic writer . Good and evil and the human condition have always been the main concerns of religious writers. These writers try to dramatize the confrontation of man with temptations. Recurring topics in the writings of Bernanos are ; a desire for innocence , seeking truth , fighting evil , divine grace , and the role of faith in man’s salvation . The main conflict in his early works is between the saint and the sinner . The quest for God and salvation suffuses his works and finally , in his novels, light wins over darkness . This article attempts to delve into the central theme of this spiritual quest in Bernanos ’ works , specially i n t h e two novels : Under Satan ’ Sun and Journal o f a Priest of the Campaign .