Comparative Study of Elements of the Nouveau Roman in Erasers and The Sleep of Blood



The Nouveau Roman is considered as an influential literary movement of modern literature. There are some traces of the usage of elements and narrative techniques of Nouveau Roman in contemporary Iranian literature. This tendency is more characteristic and typical in Bahram Sadeghi's work, which is named the representative of Nouveau Roman in Iran. Nevertheless, Sadeghi has denied any conscious influence from this literary movement. Based on theories of Comparative Literature, this paper is an attempt to study the correspondence of plot and consistency of the elements of Nouveau Roman in Robbe-Grillet's Erasers and Sadeghi's The Sleep of Blood. Hence, without any prejudices about possible influences of Nouveau Roman on Sadeghi's work, we aim to respond to a main question: in comparison to a typical Nouveau Roman novel like Erasers and according to its criteria, is there a possibility to concider Sadeghi's The Sleep of Blood as a Nouveau Roman text?