A Psychological Approach to Arvin D.Yalom's When Nietzsche Wept



The novel , When Nietzsche Wept , by Arvin D . Yalom , has efficiently manifested the ties between literature and psychology , and it was so imperssive that immadiately a movie with the same name was made that became very famous and won many awards . The writer has aimed to demonstrate the psychoneurosis treatment of two western geniuses . In this essay , attempts has been made to evaluate the novel from a psychoanalytic perspective , especially whith a particular reference to Id , Ego and Superego and Libido . It was percieved that this novel has been written in two separate episodes . The first one includes : Broyer ( ID ) , Matilde , Broyer's wife ( Superego ), Nietzsche ( Ego ) and Berte ( Libido) and the second one includes: Nietzsche (ID), Elizabet, Nietzsche's sister and his mother (Superego), Broyer (Ego) and Salomeh (Libido).