Going through Structural and Conceptual Diminutive Words in Russian and Persian Language


There are several suffixes in creating diminutive words with endearing meanings in the Russian language. Structures and their meaning variations, make it difficult for Iranian pupils to comprehend its concepts which leads to a multitude of errors in translating and instructing this important issue. Many foreign and Russian researchers and linguists have studied and gone through diminutive words issue, yet, all of its aspects has not been fully covered. Suffixes play a major role in stating endearment meaning in diminutive words, templates and structures. The number of these suffixes in Russian language is noticeable and is combined with several nouns. It must be noted that, suffixes could be combined with many of other words such as adjectives but diminutive words with endearment meanings can not be produced with the aid of them. However, we can state the concept of diminution with the use of adjectives in the Persian language. In the Russian language though, all meanings and delicate concepts by far outnumber those of other Languages.