The Interaction of literature and Painting in Nineteenth Century France with a Look at the Novel Manette Salomon by Goncourt



From the nineteenth century onwards, exactly at the time when paintings no longer relied on literature for their images, and their topics were not taken from literary sources, literature became highlyinspired by painting. Manette Salomon, a novel about a failed painter, is allocated to describe such an artistic environment. Manette Salomon is a character who appeares only in the second half of the book, and gives the plot a loving color with her presence. This charater doesn’t have any relationship with the primary purpose of the story which is reminiscent of the painting environment in the years between 1840 and 1860 in Paris. In this novel, painting is used as a significant pole in creating literature. What makes Manette Salomon a highly pleasant creature and fascinates Coriolis is that her body is not only a model for art that inspires the artist, but it is available as a masterpiece per se.