The Concealed Reflection of Kafka in the Allegory of Metamorphosis



When Kafka started to write the Metamorphosis as an allegory in 1912, he had a concealed purpose and aim in his mind. He has described his own idea and somehow himself in Metamorphosis. In other words, his attitude in Metamorphosis is the reflection of himself. Gregor Samsa, the main character in the story, is a hardworking person who loves his family. He takes no notice of enjoyment in his life because of his family. His family don't know anything about his feelings and impressions. His family know the benefit of Gregor just as a supplyier of livelihood. During his metamorphosis, he transformes into a worthless existence and nobody likes him except for his mother. The current conditions lead his soul and mind to the futility of his life and he dies in his room with the wound he received from his father