The American Negro Resistances against the Dominant Discourse in The Bluest Eye by Morrison



The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison depicts a period in which the waves of the Great Depression in America fell with particular severity on Afro-Americans. This research concentrates on the notion of resistance to the dominant ideology. New Historicists believe that the dominant power will co-opt any resistance. In this particular novel, Claudia’s resistances to the dominant ideology of white standards are futile and at the end of the novel she bows before American white standards. But, according to Cultural Materialists, in the continuing contest between the dominant power and resisting forces, the dominant ideology does not always contain resisting ideas. Now Black American with paying attention to the Residual & emergent element of their African-American culture have surmised the value of being Aferican-American. In other words, at some conjunctures, the dominant will lose ground while at the others the dominated will scarcely maintain its position.