Presence of Foreign Literary Myths in Persian Contemporary Poetry



The literature and culture of our country, Iran, has allocated a special position to myths, including ancient and modern ones. Despite the enormous slope of Iranian myths, the contemporary literature of this country observes an impressive presence of foreign myths that originate from foreign literature including the west and the east. In this paper, researchers have tried to take advantage of the opinion of Pierre Brunel who has demonstrated a new approach in mythocriticism according to Northrop Frye, to consider the importance of the position of non-Iranian myths in Persian poetry and literature. The paper has also tried to use the "literary myth" clause according to Philippe Sellier to point at Iranian literary myths that have existed through previous ancient generations and newly appeared literary myths – which are rooted in foreign literature – and also to consider their influence rate on Persian literature. The achievement of this study informs us about the importance of the influence and domination of foreign myths in the literature of recent decades of Iran and the insignificant position of Iranian myths in the domain of contemporary poetry, which has occurred despite the incomparable collection of Iranian myths; the entrance of foreign components can both enrichen and destroy the identity and genuineness of a litrature of a nation.