Analyse of the Theme of Obligatory Identity in The Sand Child, by Tahar Ben Jelloun



The Sand Ch ild is the m asterpiece by the Moro ccan- French au thor, Tahar Ben-Jel loun. In this maste rpiece, by rec alling the memories of h is na tive cou ntry and omi tting the boun dry betwe en reali ty and fan tasy, Ben -J ell oun has crat ed a world which is the combination of these two elements. Ben-Jelloun presents symbolically in this work, a tragic matter. In this masterpiece, the author presents the theme of search for identity of the protagonist. He does not only present the reality of society in his story, but also criticizes the loss of identity. This article tries to study not only identity, but also to research about subject, characterization and Ben-Jelloun’s world. This research is an opportunity to study in this masterpiece, the results of obligatory identity and the improper deportment with daughters in some traditional societies.