Influence of symbolic images on the plot of the Novel;The Vacant Place of Salouch ( Jaye Khaliye Salouch)



Although the novel The Vacant Place of Salouch (Jaye Khaliye Salouch)has a powerful realistic feature and trend of narrative so withdrawn from imagination that makes it difficult for the audience to follow- of course this is adaptive with the novel's theme and slow concatenation of events- it seems that considering this realistic feature, a great part of the narrative structure of the novel is based on symbolic images. In this article, we pay attention to the influence of symbolic images on the plot of the story, by studying the two images of cavity (Goudi) and home (Khaneh), and its impact on the actions of two main characters, Mergan and Salouch. Furthermore, most of the influence of this work and the identification of audience depends on these images.