Poetic in Images and Things (Poem of Images and Objects)



Does the poetic (poetry), which is usually believed to belong to the realm of word and language; occur also in images and objects and embrace them? Or is the expression "poetic" considered for things and images? In order to answer these questions and trace back this concept in painting, this essay approaches surrealistic ideas and paintings because surrealism more than other artistic styles and schools claims to discover the essence of poetry in both literature and art, although in their artworks the reflection and development of imagination and dream expands beyond the borders that surrealism itself defined. This essay studies different methods and techniques of some surrealist painters i.e. "Magritte", "Dali" and "Max Ernst" who have very different ways to reflect poetic aspects in their paintings, although some common rules can be found in their work. Consequently this essay reveals the common features of poetics that are represented in both words and images, such as: recovering the lost value of dreams and regaining things to themselves, not in relation with other things, giving unusual specifications to usual things; assembling words, objects and concepts in an unrelated form and position ,disarranging the relation between subject and artwork, surrendering to the unconscious ,madness and accident… so the poetic images do not represent the mind but establish it. And through this establishment create a new world that destroys the visual habits ,and encourages the mind to dive more deeply.