Oriental Mysticism Underneath Occidental Passion



The present paper examines the schools of thoughts of two poets and researchers from two different cultural geographies. In contrast with Molana, impressed by occidental school of thoughts, J. Salomé is a researcher with a different approach. The literary adaption of the anecdote "The Merchant and the parrot" from Masnavî by Salomé entitled "The tale of an infatuated man" denotes this belief that despite differences in their visions, they have commonpoints. To illustrate the point in occidental contemplative doctrine, metaphysical concepts have minute importance in contrast to the privilege of the same concepts in the beliefs of oriental mysticism and philosophy (not merely Iran). The influence of British philosophers on mainstream thinking, especially on French philosophy, resulted in positivism. Empiricism and observationhave been considered as the pillars of allegations and contemplative analyses. Focusing on the role of their common educational backgrounds and applying a comprehensive research on the ideas of Salomé and Molana, this research attempts to analyze the effect of one of the main elements of literary theosophy on western literature, and finally conclude that it has played a crucial role in recognizing the powerful culture and rich literature of Iran in western societies, endorseing the fact that Iranian Sufist and didactic literature has been exploited from a cultural standpoint.