The World of Imagination; Art and Literature from Sartre’s View



What is imagination and image? How is a mental picture formed? How does the product of imagination appear as an artistic or literary from? What are the factors that cause man to prefer the world of imagination over reality, making it, his/her choice and becoming an artist or a writer? These were the questions that made Jean-Paul Sartre busy between 1920 to 1940, and after that he was thinking about the lives of the poets and writers. Sartre has based his idea of imagination, on the quality of “Conscience” from mental images; emphasizing on the “existence” of these pictures, and their relationship with real experiences, he considers the world of imagination as a far fetched world and the result of “rejection of the concrete world.” Meantime, looking for the reasons that attract a person to the world of imagination and then to the “writing profession”, he evaluates the position of the writer and his own position as a writer.