The Shadow of Anton Chekhov on Contemporary Dramatic Literature of Iran (On the basis of plays written by Anton Chekhov and Akbar Radi)



Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is a Russian writer and playwright with considerable contribution in the expansion of world literature including Iran. Many theater critics and directors believe that Akbar Radi was influenced by Anton Chekhov's works, and by using Chekhov's achievements and expanding them he has written his own unique and noble plays. This study investigates general properties of Radi and Chekhov's plays. Comparing the similarities and differences of their works, the article implies the possibility for conforming the influence of Chekhov's works in Radi's artistic world. It also can be a useful tool for more precise understanding of the works of both writers, and to shed light on the common aspects of their plays. Since playwriting in Iran has been far from serious analysis in comparision to global level, we have attempted to critisize playwriting in a wider range in Iran with respect to similarities in Radi's plays and Chekhov's and have considered the reflection of world ideas in the noble works of the Iranian writer. Among the most significant characteristics of their works we can refer to: their tendency towards mental quest of heroes and their efforts for finding their position in the society, seclusion and loneliness of contemporary man and his opposition and conflict with the surrounding world.