Analysis of narratology in Nathalie Sarraute's Childhood



"Childhood" is an autobiographical book of the French author Nathalie Sarraute.In this masterpiece, Sarraute by recalling memories and omitting the boundry between reality and fantasy, has crated a world which is a combination of these two elements.Sarraute presents in this work, a new form of the "I" i.e. the author. Sometimes, this "I" is a child who narrates the events and sometimes this "I" becomes visible like a narrator who analysis the events.This article attempts to study the function of narration in Childhood so that the writer of this essay finds a suitable answer to the following question: why has Sarraute used dialogue between the personage and the narrator for her memories? This article additionally attempts to investigate the style of writing, structure, and important charateristics that distinguish the new novel from the traditional one.