A Study of the Relation Between Knowledge and Culture and Their Evolution Process in Methodologies of French Teaching



In the field of language teaching, the use of “knowledge” and “culture” as two integral parts of a language is undeniable. In other words, there is a necessity for an efficient cognitive and cultural interaction in foreign languages. Within the bounds of this article we have attempted to examine knowledge and culture, their relation and evolution during the history of language teaching, specially French teaching. We have also tried to examine the relation between these two concepts by a descriptive-analytic study of different French methodologies (from the traditional methodology to the actional approach). Through this study, we have come to this conclusion that with the evolution of knowledge from a structural concept to a more flexible concept, the concept of culture has transformed from a vision-culture to an action-culture which has opened the way to intercultural and co-cultural points of views. In fact, the interaction between culture and the knowledge is always in relation with the evolution of social and philosophical points of views and also the evolution of technology.