Construct Validation of a Questionnaire on Characteristics of Successful Iranian EFL Teachers



This study aimed to design a questionnaire including characteristics of successful Iranian EFL teachers and substantiate its construct validity. Based on the guidelines laid down by EFL professors (N=5), teachers (N=11), learners (N=46), and Suwandee's (1995) questionnaire about the characteristics of effective language teachers, a questionnaire (Likert scale) consisting of 47 items, was designed. To measure construct validity of the questionnaire, 250 EFL learners were asked to fill in the questionnaire and then, factor analysis (Principal Axis Factoring) was conducted to determine the underlying factors. The results revealed that the questionnaire measures twelve constructs. To estimate internal consistency reliability of the questionnaire, Cronbach's Alpha was applied. In the end, the implications of the results in teaching and learning processes were discussed.