Interaction in translation of Films: A Thought Over Film Translation, with a Focus on Translation from German to Persian



A remarkable part of foreign cultural products is the audiomedial texts like feature films and TV series. They have a more extensive addressee circle on the basis of the medium, through which they are transferred. These products fascinate many people and therefore play a very vital role within intercultural relations. There are many people who are not able to speak other languages except their own. Many ethnic, moral and political elements of the imported films, which form the cultural characteristics of a nation, can not be introduced directly and unaltered into the goal culture. These facts necessitate film translation to be established as a subdiscipline of the translation science in the course of time. The present work takes into consideration certain theoretical opinions relating to the above-mentioned subjects and gives a short overview over translation problems specific to a particular culture, such as, the transfer of dialects, accents, religious names, and the translation of the wordplay.