Views of Russian Orientalists on the Educational Ideas of Iranian Scientific & Literary Figures



Educational methods have always been one of the most important subjects for human societies. Among Iranian scientific and literary figures there are some, who have been closely involved with the process and the goal of educational ideas. Thus, it is necessary that their ideas be taken into account by methodologists for educational and training systems. We will take a look at the opinions of Farabi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Miskawaih, Saadi. This research aims to study ethics, education and training in the works of Iranian scientific and literary figures in relation to the efforts of Russian scientists. There are firstly some explanations on analysis of educational ideas related to ideas of Russian literary figures and orientalists in order to improve educational methods, content and form, then the opinions of the master of Speech, Saadi, has been studied. Focusing on the role of educational opinions of Iranian literary figures and applying a comprehensive research of ideas by Russian orientalists and literary figures, this research attempts to analyze the educational and cultural origin and principles effective on literature, and finally concludes that it has played a crucial role in recognizing the power of rich Iranian culture and literature on other societies.