Research on Waiting for Godot and Endgame



Twentieth century French Theatre has strongly been affected by World Wars I and II, obviously resulting in a change of existing dramatic principles. Samuel Beckett well known innovator in the field of the Avant-garde, probed the theatre with a naked form and far from conventional regulations and dramatic arrangements. Beckett's Theatre is known as the beginning of the new method in writing style, personification and final outcome in dramatic art. Beckett's Theatre belongs to the group of philosophical theatre that shows the calamity and misfortune of man who exists in a world devoid of meaning in which ancient values and meaningful relations have disappeared. Surely Beckett - who is one of the messengers of decadence in our age- in addition to exposing lack of humanity in human relations, by a specific shrewdness searches in human society for a meaningful foundation. Beckett tries to show the problems of contemporary man, an individual who tries to search for his place and to adapt himself to conditions. This research is an opportunity to familiarize us further with Beckett's world which is full of ambiguities and shocking matters.