Lost Paradise of Andre Makin


Andre Makine, a writer of Russian ancestry residing in France, propounds the west enthusiastically and lyrically in his early novels. He visualizes the west as a lost paradise which is both fascinating and fanciful contrary to his childhood vision of Russia. However, as time passes, following his immigration to France, his encounter with reality shatters and ruins the rudimental idealism which had earlier shaped his mind. A different outlook germinates in his reflection. That is why, the more we penetrate into his writings, the two terms east and west mingle with one another all the more and end up as ambiguous and mute; the early passion and fervor giving way to a critical perception. The Russian Atlantid replaces the French one and his nostalgic view of his childhood can be traced in his works. In the meantime, journey as the core of his writings act as an excuse and concern for the writer vis-à-vis identity, encounter between reality and imagination, and problems erupting from conflict between two cultures and languages.