A Comparison and Investigation of Mechanical Translation System in Russia and the West


The advanced global mechanical translation system has the skill of translating a thousand pages in less than two minutes, a task which may take over a year by a professional translator. Although critics find fault with the new system of translation especially in its low-quality output, yet mechanical translation seems to be progressing at an enormous speed. One must, however, remember that the traditional method of translation has also tasted success in its own day, despite several shortcomings. Many ancient texts have been poorly translated since there was no criticism or control over the translation. An individual like Abu Ali Sina read Aristotle's work 40 times and yet did not understand what he read due to its poor translation. In this article, selected mechanical translations in Russia and the West have been compared in order to find out reasons for their superiority and if at all weaknesses. In certain cases these translations have been compared to the old translation system, and after investigating the deficiencies of mechanical translation, suggestions have been made for the promotion of quality in translation.