Marta Ajala, the protagonist of l'Esclusa,(The outcast) , surprised by her husband in the awful act of reading a love letter sent by a man, is thrown out of the house even though she has done nothing wrong. But she will be accepted and taken in again, provided after she has actually committed the act which she was unjustly charged with in the first place. In this article I have focused on Pirandello's intention to demonstrate boldly the conflicts between the individual and social conventions which urge man to follow a determined social role. In order to avoid the assigned mask society imposes Pirandello’s character shows various reactions. At first the individual shows her unacceptable and absurd rebellious attitude demonstrating her own will to resolve her personal and social problems. But society does not accept Marta's attempt to deny her social role. In Pirandello's ideology if the individual does not accept his/her assigned social role certainly will not achieve Society’s forgiveness, and this will be a point of focuse in this article.