This paper explains Jacques Lacan's view about language and the unconscious. Lacan finds a resemblance between the function of the unconscious mind and the function of language. It means the relation between the Signified & the Signifier which is dominant in language system is the same in the unconscious. In other words, while using signifiers such as sounds and words and thereby creating meaning in the mind of the audience, the unconscious mind in contact with taste, smell of things and people or under the impression of images and past memories rises in our mind in the form of signifiers. From Lacan's view, it is clear that metaphorical and metonymic relation between words has the ability to dynamise man's unconscious.When a child is born he finds himself in a situation among his parents' inter-relations. From then on, the child is in a competitive position with his father to posses his mother. This child, in order to step into competition, should be present in the same symbolic system that his father has been before and use language as a tool to create "Dialogues". This article explains the formation of a “dialogue “with the existence of the language as an element and shows it as a symbolic system. A system which has been shaped in the chil?s mind and will place him in competition with his father to own the “mother”.