Multiple intelligences (MI) theory, as proposed by Gardner (1983, 1999), claims that there are at least nine different human intelligences. Knowing our multiple intelligences is meant to empower each one of us to learn and to act (Christison, 1998; Larsen-Freeman, 2000;
Mckenzie, 1999). Any attempt thus to characterize learner’s personal MI profile is worth making. This piece of research, accordingly, aims at discovering whether there is any relationship between students’ MI Profile and their writing product. Seventy-two EFL students taking their writing course with the researcher participated in the study. The instrument used was Mckenzie (1999)’s MI Inventory. The participants’ average scores on three essays were used as an index of writing product. Regression analysis made it clear that kinesthetic, existential, and interpersonal intelligences are making the greatest contribution toward predicting writing score.