The double is one of the literary themes in Julio Cortazar's works. He, as
a master of imaginative literature, has explained the double skillfully and has
written several stories about it. Nowadays, his stories are famous not only in Latin American Literature but also in world classical literary works. He
explains different types of the double related to human identify which is a
different type of imaginative literature. This research is a survey about the
double in one of his stories "Island in Midday". In this story Marini, the
steward, flies from Tehran to Rome above the Greek Island, Sirus, in the
Ezheh Sea. The island attracts the man. While he is looking at the Island, he imagines himself in the island, and the story continues as such.
Key Words: Double, Island in Midday, Julio Cortazar, Imaginative
Literature, Identity, Latin American Literature.