Close contact between the "time" element and the life of human beings
indicates why Time has been paid attention to in literature. Humans life is under the influence of the time limit defined for them from beginning of their life till until death. Even human emotions can not escape the results of the passage of time: manners like indifference, depression, weakness, forgetfulness, etc. happen to humans only through the passage of time. There's no period of human life independent from the passage of time: From childhood up to adolescence the two co-exist, and from adolescence on-wards the two are in continuous conflict. Hence human are constanthy analysing time in order to detine their existentce, an almost impossible task. Some poets and scholars, as the messengers of human pleasure and sorrow, playa significant role in transformation of thought among people of their time. Among these scholars and artist see we can the French romantic poets of 19th century, who through an eloquent musical language impressive as well as expression, analyze profound feelings and emotions, derived from the passage of time, and reveal some dimensions of the depths of human soul. In this article of this the writer analysis some of their most important works (poems).