this paper is an attempt to introduce and review the third piece of the poetic collection of "Imitations of the Koran" by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin which was compiled under the influence of the concepts of the Holy Koran. Using these concepts great Russian writers have produced immortal works. These series of works, despite their attractions to eastern readers, have not received sufficient attention of Iranian translators and scholars for unknown reasons. The poetry collection of "Imitations of the Koran" by Pushkin is one of its most remarkable and beautiful ones which has been versified under the influence of the concepts of different verses of Surah
(chapter) Abas. In this paper, while presenting a concise analysis of
Puskhin's life, the Russian eminent poet of the 19th century and analyzing the third piece of the 9-part collection of" Imitations of the Koran" , efforts are made to show how verses of the holy Koran were the source of inspiration and formation of this piece. These poems reflect the psychological conditions of Puskhin in the hard periods of exile in the north of Russia in Mikhailovskaya village. By using the Koran's concepts and versifying these poems, he helped to reinforce his spirit and increase hope for his freedom.