Latin American countries have always been creating literary and artistic methods, and have been able to introduce their culture to the world. People
in these countries have tried not to lose their own tradition and culture, but on the contrary, use them to create new styles. Now, we can see the emergence of particular styles that shines in their literature. In the last five decades two suitable styles have appeared, "Magical Realism" and "Wonderful Realism" which has attracted people's attention. Although these styles are two contrary styles, yet both match with "reality".Only the narrators of these stories with their varied view points, for each style, can be the creator of this paradoxical genre: "Wonderful Realism" or "Magical Realism". This research is focused on the naming and the difference between these styles. For obtaining this aim, two famous literary works, "Hundred Y ears of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and "The Domain of this WorId" by Alejo Carpentier, have been selected and the difference between them has been studied.