Although several factors influenced the creation of West-East Divan of Goethe, the influence of Hafiz and mystical love supersedes others. Hafiz' thoughts reflected in his Collection have been a source of inspiration to Goethe for the creation of this German masterpiece. Goethe`s special respect for Hafiz became a major motivation for him. This article argues that this respect provided Goethe with a means to escape into a spiritual and mystical world away from the sound and fury of the west. However, one cannot ignore the influence of Mariane on Goethe, since the creation of this masterpiece, published in 1819, would not have been the same without his adoration for Mariane. Goethe`s platonic love for the latter became a means to mentally travel to the east, and Hafiz` Divan in particular gave him a true understanding of mystical love. Thus, eastern love became the raw material of this writing.