The purpose of the present research is to explore the relationship of Cassirer's views on myth to that of Northrop Frye. Like other philosophers, he tried to express his views on myth and culture with the assistance of his popular precedents. Among popular myth theorists such as Frazer, Freud, Jung, and Spengler, it seems that Cassirer's view has affected Frye's thought deeply. The construction of Cassirer's thought on symbolic form and also his laws on myth helped Frye to draw on these thoughts in his most important work, Anatomy of Criticism, which is evaluated in this study. Though Frye is concerned with myth theorists, he tries to resurrect the fundamentals of inherited theories. The construction of this article starts with the assumption that literary criticism is the latest symbolic form in the horizon of knowledge and ends with the resurgence of speculations on informing the role of myth, which, in turn, forms new criticism as a new symbolic and formal phenomenon.