Nowadays, tests are implemented as a powerful and at the same time a dangerous tool at different levels of education. The variety of decisions in determining the achievement level of the learners, their success in future careers, issuing certificates, and designating the right people for the right professional positions, and admission to universities have made testing a complex phenomenon.
One of the significant functions of tests is admitting students for pursuing their studies at different levels of higher education. This is an important responsibility on the side of the authorities which gets more serious and complex as the level of admission elevates. It gets more serious because the higher the level of education, the more investment is needed. It gets more complex because higher levels of knowledge should be tested. Due to this seriousness and complexity, this paper is limited to one of the many majors at the MA level. More specifically, the purpose of this paper is to examine the MA tests for the TEFL majors. The procedures followed will be an attempt to answer the following questions:
1. What should be the ideal quality and quantity of the MA tests in TEFL?
2. What is the quality of MA tests in TEFL at present?
3. How should the gap between the ideal and reality be filled?
In answering these questions, certain suggestions are made to improve the quality and scientific characteristics of the tests.