The typical spiritual voyager lives in a society which does not fulfill his needs; a society with people who do not understand his will and wish, and this is why he struggles to plan an abstract journey.
In his book of travels, Ardaviraf describes the negative consequences of evil manners and wrong-doing and through this , he tries to summon the folks toward
Zorasterian religion.
He gives the descriptions in an abstract I spiritual atmosphere.In the twelfth century, a poet named Dante expresses his desires and wills in a spiritual and imaginary world.
The next spiritual journey is the one which Abolalaa Moarri, the blind Arab poet, has taken under the influence of his excitement and longing to satirize, and, in this way, is a fight with the common thoughts of his society.
In the nineteenth century, Sayyed - Jamal Vaaez Esfahani, the famous lecturer of his time, wrote his book True Dreams to satirize his dull—minded opponents, and finally lost his life to gain his goal, and this is why we should consider his book among the fore-said great books.