The usage and influence of foreign languages especially the international language English is very common as language of different countries. This usage and influence shows itself in several medias, especially Radio, Television, Newspapers and also in common language of city people and villagers. Probably this usage is because the media masters want to make their scripts more attractive and take it to a higher level so that they seen more attractive to the listeners and viewers. But all these would cause different issues in the language and literature of a country. Though in some cases — (of we which talk about later) — this would enrich the language, but generally it would also lead to problems such as making the language harder to understand by common people.
Because of this, we decided to consider the usage, and its influences on in media especially newspapers, in details, and other media types in short tables. In this article we do not wish to criticize anybody; we just want to express a point of view to create a new change and suitable field for constructive criticism of these foreign words and informing the people to prevent unlimited entrance of these words in Urdu language.