One of the prominent specifications of the Russian language, is the existence of verbs with prefixes, with the aid of these prefixes, numerous meanings, which are often problematic for the Iranian language learners, are
expressed, since the Persian verbal prefixes express fewer meanings
compared with those of the Russian language. While translating from
Russian to Persian lots of problems occur and mostly these prefixes are translated verbatim. In some cases, it is even necessary to interpret the meanings of these prefixes, or to use other" explanatory- complementary" words, including: adverbs, prepositions, verbs etc. In Russian, various meanings of every linguistic item, is a determined clue to the structure of the sentence through the exact description of the context, the meanings can be achieved. Based on the structure of the sentence some meanings can only be
inferred from the "whole" sentence. Familiarity with the methods of expressing the meanings of Russian prefixes, makes it possible for the language learners to establish accurate understanding of verbs with prefixes.