If we accept that literature is a creative product of society, we should also accept that its aims cannot be separated from the aims of people who make it. Story and legend in literature does not necessarily have a specific time of origin. Perhaps the desire for training the younger generation and
transferring the history of a nation to them is a reason for the creation of epics, legends and stories narrated by travelers, story- tellers, cameleers, and caravans of east, west, north and south. Each time a lyric or a story was being told in a corner of the earth, it was being combined by the traditions of another country, making it difficult to distinguish the orginal from the adapted form. Maybe it is for this reason that they have remained alive
during the undulations of times and. have survived from military and cultural crises, attacks, only the wounds of time is obvious on them. Reading these stories and lyrics reminds us that the structure and base of this great human treasure has a common, unanimous foundation.