In the historical domain of linguistics, many studies have been carried out in order to determine the first initiative of man to teach and learn a foreign language. In this kind of research, linguists and language teaching researchers used sources that are centered on the history of different nations. In this research, the first initiative of man to teach a foreign language is variously reported. In the book Twenty- Five Centuries of Language Teaching: 500 BC by Louis G Kelly, the retrospective of foreign language teaching dates back to five centuries before the start of the Christian era; in other documents, to the beginning of the Roman Empire and Antiquity. In Evolution of the Language Teaching: 5000 Years of History, Claude Germain, on the basis of the book History Starts in Sumer (Samuel Kramer, 1956), studies Sumerian civilization and concludes that the teaching and learning of foreign language started fifty centuries ago. Therefore, this study tends to investigate the history of the foreign language teaching at the time of the Sumerians, the teaching of Hieratique language at the time of the
Egyptians, the teaching of the traditional Greek in ancient Greece, the teaching of the Greek to the Romans and the teaching of Latin.