The Romantic Age is a literary age that absorbs all readers of literature. Amongst the Romantic Poets, a poet who has always carried away the readers sympathy due to his tragic life and early death is none other than John Keats, a member of the younger generation of Romantic Poets. He never allowed his fatal illness to be a barrier to his poetic life, on the contrary, his illness, and his anticipation of his own early death provided a strong base for his writings. By the young age of 23 he had already written his great odes and a bulk of other poems affiliated to the subject of either mythology or middle-ages. Like all writers he wrote on various themes, out of which the most outstanding was Death. This paper explores reasons why he was attracted to this theme, and that this theme is related to three of his works: Ode to a Nightingale, Ode to Melancholy, La Belle Dame Sans Merci