Although Tieck, a great 19th century German literary figure, is not a familiar name for us, he is regarded as an outstanding, welI-known writer in his own homeland. He is an eminent writer of Romanticism similar to the Schlegel brothers, Novalis and Eichendorff, and even in certain genres such as Kunstmarchen he enjoys a unique, unmatched status. Tieck's unfinished novel, Franz Sternbalds Wanderungen, is, in fact, a vehicle to express his views on art. In this book some real as well as fictional characters in perfectly developed situations {_Iaborate on Tieck's ideas about nature and art, introducing the former as thc_ specific language for God and the latter for His chosen men. This stated common origin for art and nature and their relationship to God is the source of religious-oriented art as viewed by Tieck.