Test Anxiety is one of the personal characteristics which is specifically true about university students. Anxiety is sometimes taken as synonymous with stress. Madson (1982) states that test anxiety is worry or fear caused by having to take tests. Most students feel anxious in testing situations. For some students, however, the feeling is so intense that it negatively affects their academic success. It should be noted that a little nervousness can actually help motivate some people. Sarason et af (1960) believe that test anxiety affects the test performance of testees at all academic. Most students resort to using test-taking strategies to reduce the negative effects of test anxiety. Rezaei (2002) asserts that OI)e of the reasons students tend to use test-taking strategies in doing language achievement tests can be anxiety and the students' fear to obtain low scores. The present article tends to discuss test anxiety analytically and to introduce some of the strategies to cope with it