In the year 1975, and the late,r years, Roland Barthes publicly declared
. .
the influence of Andre Gide on his works which made his readers
speculative about this announcement. This announcement in later years became more pronounced, especially in his interviews. However what remained concealed from readers was the deep influence of Andre Gide on the primary works of Barthes, especially his first work. Barthes, acknowledged that Gide had a great influence on his youth, and especially on the readings of those y_-,!_s whic_h corresPQnd_d JQ the years Qf the second world war when French soil was occupied by the Germans, and a time when Roland Barthes was going through treatment at a sanatorium. It was here that Roland Barthes wrote his first series of essays under the influence of Gide and published these works in imitation of Gide. This paper focuses on the impact of Gide upon the authorship of several literary works of Barthes. In conclusion to his works, and as his last few words, Barthes once again acknowledged Gide's deep influence which has been discussed and evaluated.