The 20th Century besides being an era of cultural and scientific ideas, is also respected as a Jinguistic century. This field of science despite the human necessity of dealing with communication and of strengthening international relations is not considered as a science of philology but only known as an active and a useful element in the transmission and exchange of ideas. The 21 st century is considered as a "plurilinguistic century" for linguistics. Some linguistic sciences such as: semantics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and psycholinguistics have played an important part in the linguistics field. The investigation carried out in applied linguistics in the present century and the role performed in the formation of translators has led this branch of science to become independent. Nevertheless most of the investigations and studies have been carried out in a technical language which in many occasions has not been understood by students and as a result they are lost in the labyrinth of expressions and concepts of words. Therefore, this study tends to investigate the history of translation and also adequate ways for teaching translation in universities.